SMD Technology is the Future of LED Light Kits

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What is SMD Technology? A single SMD chip contains 3 miniscule LEDs which together produce a more vibrant, wide angle illumination with less spotting than a standard 3 or 5mm LED. Multi-color SMD light strips utilize RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs in each SMD chip to display each individual solid color. For example, to display the solid color white, all 3 RGB LEDs would be illuminated, but to display the color pink, only the Red and Blue LEDs would be used at different voltages to create the solid color. A SMD chip is a surface mounted LED that is soldered onto a circuit board by an automated industrial machine, eliminating the possibility of human error while enhancing quality control.

Why are more LED light kits featuring SMD technology? More light kits feature SMD technology because when compared to a standard LED light strip, the SMD light strip is much thinner and able to be mounted in tighter areas, completely hiding the strip and exposing a more complete, vibrant color. The LED count on SMD LED light strips is higher than a standard LED strip as well. A standard LEDGlow 6 Piece Single Color LED Motorcycle Kit contains 114 individual LEDs, whereas LEDGlow’s Advanced Million Color SMD Motorcycle Kit contains 66 SMD chips with 3 LEDs in each chip, totaling 198 ultra-bright LEDs. In simpler terms, you’re getting more bang for your buck with a LEDGlow SMD Light Kit. LEDGlow currently offers SMD Motorcycle Lighting Kits in different multi-color options including the Advanced Million Color Lighting Kit, Million Color Mini Lighting Kit, and the Million Color Pro Lighting Kit.

Coming to the LEDGlow product lineup in January 2013 will be Single Color SMD Motorcycle Lighting Kits with Blue, Red, Green, Pink, White, Orange, Purple and Yellow color options!

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