LEDGlow Supports Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

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The spring season is finally here and that means great weather for riding. This is also the time of the year where you’ll see a lot more motorcycles on the road than usual. Because of the rising numbers of motorcycles on the road, the risk of a potential accident becomes greater. Every May, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) calls for all motorists to be more cautious of motorcycle riders on the road. That means checking side and rear-view mirrors often, obeying the speed limits and using turn signals when needed, but this isn’t only a one way street. Motorcyclists also need to ride responsibly by using the same safety fundamentals that any motorist would use.

When the sun goes down, the risks of riding at night can become even greater. One way to make yourself more visible when riding at night is with one of our LEDGlow Motorcycle LED Lighting Kits. In addition to bringing a custom, vibrant style to your bike, our motorcycle underglow lights are also an effective safety feature. While some states are now becoming more lenient with laws regarding aftermarket LED lights on motorcycles, why not take advantage of it? Just make sure to contact your local law enforcement and double check the laws before hitting the road with our LED lights. We offer LED motorcycle lights in 9 different single color options as well as numerous motorcycle kits that feature multi-color LED lighting, each unique in its own way.

LEDGlow Lighting fully supports the NHTSA’s initiative of May being Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, but motorists shouldn’t just be extra cautious during one month, we should be all year around. We understand and share the passion of both our customers and motorcycle enthusiasts alike, and want them to be aware of the potential dangers that the road possesses, as well as ways to avoid them. Please, continue to ride responsibly, be alert of others on the road at all times and try to make yourself more visible when riding at night.

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