Upgrading Your Motorcycle LED Lighting Kit

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Already own one of LEDGlow’s motorcycle LED lighting kits? Do you want to upgrade your existing kit to add more light strips to your motorcycle? We have you covered with our Add-On Light Kits that allow you to easily install additional LED lighting strips to your already installed motorcycle underglow kit.

What comes included the Add-On Kit?

Each LEDGlow Add-On Kit for motorcycle lights is offered in strip pairs, 2pc, 4pc or 6pc, and comes standard with a power harness that can power the amount of strips you purchased with your Add-On Kit. The included power harness, whether it’s a 2pc, 4pc, or 6pc, features modular connectors which makes adding new strips as effortless as the original installation. Also included with every Add-On Kit are zip ties so you can secure the light strip’s wire to the frame of your bike. Users have the option to add wire extensions with their Add-On Kit if the supplied power wire from the lighting strip is not long enough for your desired mounting location. It is recommended that users prep the mounting surface with 3M™ Adhesion Promoter which allows for a much stronger bond between the lighting strips and the motorcycle. Add-On Kits are available for our all of our expandable motorcycle lighting kits including the Advanced Million Color, Million Color Pro, Million Color Mini, Advanced Single Color and Classic Single Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kits.

Can I upgrade my control box too?

You can upgrade your existing control box to our Dual Zone Control Box only if you have one of our Classic Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kits installed. The Dual Zone Control Box allows for two different lighting patterns to be running in two different sections of your bike giving you total control for your desired lighting scheme. Users can choose from 15 distinct lighting patterns as well as 3 different brightness settings that can be easily selected with the included 4 button wireless remote.

Installing Your New LEDGlow Add-On Kit:

When it comes time to installing your new Add-On Kit, you must first figure out where you want to mount the new strips that you’ve received. Just remember to mount the strips away from any moving parts and that the area is not emitting high temperatures of direct heat. When you figured out where you want to mount the strip, prep the surface with the 3M™ Adhesion Promoter and mount the strip. Then, run and secure the power wires with the included zip ties to the location of the control box. Next, unplug one light strip that’s already installed to your motorcycle. You’ll then take the new power harness you received with your Add-On Kit and plug the light strip that you just unplugged into one of the slots of the new power harness. Next, you simply plug in the remaining connections, hide the wires and you’re set! It’s that easy!

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