Spotlight: Pod LED Lights

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Looking to add a unique style of simple lighting to your motorcycle or ATV? LEDGlow’s Pod LED Lights could just be what’s missing from your bike! LEDGlow Lighting offers Pod LED Lighting Kits in a variety of colors that are sure to add a custom, aftermarket style to your motorcycle with different power options available for you to utilize your kit.

Pod LED Lighting Kits are offered in 8 different single color options which include Blue, Green, Red, White, Orange, Pink, Purple and Yellow with kit size options ranging from 4pc to 20pc Kits. Each SMD pod light features 5 SMDs (15 LEDs) housed in a low profile body that’s 1.25 inches in diameter and a little more than .25 of inch in thickness that is completely waterproof to withstand the elements. SMD technology offers an ultra-vibrant, wide angle illumination that adds a complete and spotless glow to the areas of your bike where the pod lights are mounted.


Users can choose to power their pod lighting kit one of three different ways using an on/off power switch, an add-on control box, or if you have an existing flexible motorcycle LED lighting kit installed to your bike, you can add pod LED lights to that kit. If you choose to install your pod lighting kit with the power switch, you will be limited to only a solid illumination effect, but if you decide to utilize the control box, your kit will be able to perform lighting effects which include multiple brightness levels, strobing and fading modes that are easily selected with the included wireless remote.

Each pod light features a modular connector that makes powering this kit with either the control box or on/off switch extremely easy. When it’s time to mount each pod light to the desired location, we recommend to clean the surface with rubbing alcohol and prep the cleaned surface with 3M™ Adhesion Promoter. This allows for a much stronger bond between the 3M™ tape on the bottom of the pod and your motorcycle. Just make sure that the mounting location of the pods and power wires do not come into contact with any moving parts and direct heat sources of your motorcycle. LEDGlow Lighting stands by each Single Color Pod LED Lighting Kit with a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support.

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