Advanced Single Color SMD vs Classic Single Color LED Motorcycle Lights

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LEDGlow Lighting offers a variety of different colors and styles of motorcycle LED lighting kits, but none are more popular than our single color LED lights. LEDGlow offers two different types of single color motorcycle kits, Advanced Single Color SMD Lighting Kits and Classic Single Color LED Lighting Kits that add a unique style and added visibility when riding at night. What is the big difference between the two types of kits? The one major difference between the two kits is the type of LEDs used to make the kit come to life. The Advanced Single Color Light Kit utilizes SMD technology which allows for maximum brightness and a spotless glow that 5mm LEDs cannot match. However, the Classic Single Color Motorcycle LED Lighting Kits bring a great overall brightness to your bike. Below is a breakdown of the two types of single color motorcycle lighting kits with all of their featured components and abilities.

Advanced Single Color SMD Motorcycle Lighting Kits:

LEDGlow’s Advanced Single Color SMD Motorcycle Kits will add a complete and spotless single color glow to your motorcycle by utilizing SMD technology. SMD technology uses surface mounted chips that contain 3 LEDs per chip that work together to bring an ultra-vibrant illumination to your frame rail, swing arm, oil tank or under your gas tank. Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Lighting Kits are offered in 6pc – 12pc kit size options with 8 different color choices including Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, White and Yellow. One major component of the Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Kits that makes them an appealing choice over the Classic Motorcycle Kits is the size of the light strips. Each motorcycle lighting strip is 1/8 of an inch in thickness, making it extremely easy to mount and illuminate the tighter locations of your motorcycle. If a light strip is a little too long for your desired mounting location, they have the ability to be cut every third SMD LED at designated areas for better fitment. Two wireless remotes come standard with each Advanced Single Color Motorcycle Kit, so if you lose one, you’ll have a back-up remote ready to go! The slim and easy to hide control box features 4 brightness levels when solid illumination mode is enabled, as well as 3 flashing patterns, and 1 fading pattern that can be easily selected with either of the included wireless remotes.

Prices Start at $84.99

Classic Single Color LED Motorcycle Lighting Kits:

LEDGlow’s Classic Single Color LED Motorcycle Kits utilize 5mm LEDs that bring a great overall brightness to your motorcycle. Users can choose from 2pc – 20pc kit sizes with 9 different color choices which include Blue, Ice Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink, Purple, Orange and Yellow. The LED light strip thickness is 1/2 of an inch, making them easily to install to any motorcycle. Each 6pc – 20pc Classic Single Color LED Motorcycle Kit comes standard with a slim and easy to hide control box that allows you to select from 4 different brightness levels, 3 flashing patterns and 1 fading pattern with the included wireless remote. If you’re looking to add minimal lighting to your motorcycle, LEDGlow offers 2pc & 4pc Classic LED Starter Kits that only feature solid illumination and can be powered by the included On/Off Switch.

Starter Kit Prices Start at $29.99
6pc – 20pc Kit Prices Start at $59.99

There you have it, the breakdown of both the Advanced SMD and Classic LED Motorcycle Lighting Kits. Although they utilize different LEDs and different types of lighting strips, the process of installing these kits is the same. It’s recommended to prep the mounting surface with 3M™ Adhesion Promoter which allows for a much stronger bond between the 3M™ Tape of the light strip and your motorcycle. Each power wire should be secured to the frame of the motorcycle with the included zip ties to avoid any contact with any moving parts of your bike. LEDGlow stands by each Advanced SMD and Classic LED Motorcycle Underglow Kits with a one year limited warranty and free lifetime technical support as well as including installation instructions and mounting hardware to ensure a complete installation.

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