What are RGB LEDs?

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One common question we get from customers is “what are RGB LEDs?” RGB LEDs are 3 different color LEDs (Red, Green, Blue) that are used in multi-color lighting kits to create virtually any color. For example, to create the color purple, the lights will utilize only the red and blue LEDs with different voltages of each to create that perfect shade of purple. When surface mounted LEDs use RGB LEDs, the LEDs are so small that you can’t even tell which LEDs are being used for each color. This also allows for a complete and spotless glow with no colors leaking into each other. LEDGlow offers a variety of multi-color motorcycle lighting kits that utilize RGB LEDs which include the Advanced Million Color Motorcycle Light Kit, Million Color Pro, Million Color Mini and our Advanced Million Color LiteTrike® Kits that were designed specifically for trikes! Check out the video below to see the Advanced Million Color Lighting Kit and all of its featured colors in action!

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